Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baby Goats!

This little one decided to sleep in the hayfeeder. That is until I came sticking my camera in its face. We have four total now, But I am sure there will be more soon.

Buster is always watching to make sure they don't get into any trouble :)

The spring weather was amzing yesterday. I attempted going on a bike ride but I didn't go to far. So I mud puddled and watched babygoats instead.
It is so neat to hear everything melting, Hearing every thing moving and shrinking.
I think this may be my favourite weather. but I think I always say that at the beginning of a new season. So right now I am dreaming of gardens, bike rides, and of other lovely things spring brings.
Happy spring!


Abbi said...

I didn't know you had goats already!

miranda said...

fun! and I love that top picture. so little and cute. I always enjoy when you blog Keren :). And I too am ready for a beautiful Spring!

May I be in Gods kingdom said...

you really changed your blog. The baby goat is really cute you know the one in the hay feeder

Peggy said...

Oh Buster. He's a cool dog.

Hollysnails said...

AWWW, Spring is my favorite too. Maybe you can UPS me a goat : )