Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh dear!

I like pictures and I think posts are a little bit better with them. but I think I am going to try to go with out for once :) I don't have anything specific to tell you just little tidbits.

~We now have a basement for our church building. Well. There is a big hole in the ground right where the basement will be. It is exciting and encouraging.

~I have a job! I am starting sometime the end of this month. I will be babysitting a 3 month old.
I am excited to do something I really enjoy. Which I think that you can enjoy most anything, but some things just come more naturally.

~Last week I went to visit my grandma in Iowa. We had 3 picnics, One Circus, 30 Hay bales. 5 jillion cornstalks, 4 cool neices and nephews and one sweet sister. That about sums up the experiance.

~Oh yeah, I read the 7th Harry Potter book. And I am thankfull that I read it. I was so happy. :)
I sound like a nerdy Harry Potter reader..... Oh wait!
~I think My next post will be pictures. It is killing me not to put any in this post.

~Oh yes! Abbi has put up the new Bemidji CoC websight. go here.



Anonymous said...

I notice the round hay bales, which were outlawed in Wisconsin..
They decided the livestock weren't getting a square meal!

Betsy Cradic said...

Well, now that worked out fine, didn't it. (I agree that it's more fun with pictures though!)