Friday, June 20, 2008


Wednesday we Had a picnic at a nearby park.
It was a pretty place although it had lots of Ants,
I have Lots of proof on my flip-flop wearing feet.
They are definitely more High strung than the ones in Minnesota.

Martha took a few pictures of them so I took some too :)

Meditating on her string cheese...

During this I was asking Molly and Heidi what they wanted to be when they grew up.. Molly said a Dr. and Heidi said she thought a princess, And she guessed that she would probably have to buy a Prince. Or maybe, Molly thought just walk into a forest and there might be a magic castle.
It is hard to figure out where you are going to find a prince :)

Then that evening we went to night fire, This is what Derek drives.
It is a M142. Yup. I don't really know what that means either. They also call it a Hi mar.

This is it shooting off the Rocket. It went over our heads. It was pretty loud too :)
I guess they can shoot up to 200 miles. Something like that anyways.
I took a video but I haven't been able to upload videos very easily.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! Anna

Abbi said...

It is fun to see more pictures of what you all are doing!