Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I am Happy.

Hello friends, guess what!?!?! well....

It was around 80 degrees here today, I like that.

I got my License!

There was May flowers blooming in our yard.

Tonight we will Probably watch Mary Poppins, and that's a fun movie.

This weekend... If it works out.... Oh of all exciting things - I am going to visit Peggy!


Polly Blanshan said...

Congratulations on the liscense, Keren! We were praying for you.
I'm very excited at the possibility of seeing you. You should stay for my birthday party. Or else come back for it. Either way.

jessicalolene said...

I want to go visit Peggy, too.

Emily said...


Peggy said...

why don't we all go and visit peggy?

miranda said...

congrats on the license. I remember that excitement. It was a very special time...although I turned into the choufer of the family...all in all I was just happy on the road. And that picture of the flowers is beautiful, they almost look painted.