Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Not to many posts.

Well I thought that i would post a lot. But i haven't really. so I will post a Whole bunch now :D

Peggy, i think that you should come back with Lori. And I could schedule a few appointments for you.
we have the Grand hunting adventure with Local hunters. whether they know it or not.
and we have the flower picking adventure, which this time of year it really gets to be quite difficult to find flowers, but the absence of things is the mother of invention or something like that. so yup.
and there is always the Tree Climbing with Mud boots.
and then we have countless other things to do,
like tipping goats over. but that is not recommended.
and there is the Custom made adventure.

:) this is only by pre-scheduled appointments so please call. 1-800-123-3456. just kidding. I have never called that number and i don't recommend it. it might be in France or something.

I am going to do more posts. So then it seems as though I am a posty type of person. :)


martha said...

I'm sure glad your going to be a "posty" type of person! I would also like to make an appointment to have a costom adventure, how do I make one?

Keren and Peggy said...

um. well you think of your favorite colors and favorite foods and favorite animal and we make it into an adventure :)

Keren and Peggy said...

Hehe! i remember trying to climb trees with mud boots. it didn't work to well. even with the help of that box thingy. I think i should indeed come visiting. i have not been to see you in a while. i think i should like to try hunting. especially the flower kind. - Peggy